Cake time😀

Didn’t I tell you? I love to make cakes. And what is most funny I never make cake for my birthday 😂😂😂. I think this the result  because I am not very good to take care of myself. 

So, let me tell you and show you about my first cake with decorations and it was first tiered cake.

So, two sweet twins, my boyfriend’s nephews had their conformation day and I was asked to make a 3 tiered cake🙄. I didn’t have any equipment,  I never made more than ordinary cake before.  I was ready to say no, thinking that it is mission impossible.  Than I decided to read some cooking blogs and advices and realized that MAY BE it is not so hard.

So, it was the big adventure of 4 days making cake😂😂😂. First I started with decorations,  because the fondant needed time to dry. One day making flowers and sweating 🌼🌺🌸. Second day I was baking…. for about 12 hours😂😂😂. Third day was easy,  just prepared 4 kind of creams – chocolate coconut cream, vanilla cream,  chocolate ganache cream and butter cream to cover the cake.

The fourth day was never ending.  I make 3 cakes separately and fix the huge thing. All together cake was about 8 kilos.  I didn’t follow any recipe,  so in reality I didn’t know how big it is gonna be. 

My worst fear come true when I needed to put the cake in the fridge. I emptied almost everything 😂. Anyway with shaking hands I was fixing tier after tier, covering all with smooth butter cream( my first also). And there came time to decorate. Let’s not make you board. 

On the fifth day the two charming twins got cake made with so much love and wish, that they fall in for it❣


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Beautiful snow day

It was amazing day in the snow hills of the mountains. These two fellows played all day long and now are ready to sleep for a week 😀.

Enjoying the fresh air of the cold mountain, rolling into a meter of snow, running, jumping and hunting for the frisbee. It was not only them having fun, we were in love with place and the freshness all around.

It is one of these Sundays, that you don’t want to end ❤

Her name is Trixy. We got her 2 months ago, she is just 8 months puppy. In love with the family and mostly with her daddy (my boyfriend)😀.

That is my LOVE… My boyfriend’s parents dog Leo. He is 7 years old. So calm and peaceful… Since I moved in, he moved into our house. He was coming every day for visit and stayed longer and longer. Now he go back home late at night just to sleep 😍.

And here is how we spend the day❤

And how was your Sunday?😀❤

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The white slaves in Europe.

I wanted to this story long time ago. I am an immigrant in a rich, beautiful country. Nature here is amazing. And people are cold like the icy wind blowing in the winter.

I moved here 2 years ago fulfilled with love and happiness. I was ready for my new life, no doubt for anything. Because I wanted to live a life with the man of my dreams.

In about an year trying to find a job, I ended in a cleaning business. I don’t mind, because I earn my own money.

And here start my journey… In a few months I had a thousand reasons to say ” I am not a cleaner, I am a slave”. I never knew my program for the next day, changes were made all the time. I thought it is temporary and I needed money. Staying long hours after work, not paid as the low says. Going without equipment to work in ice cold rain without gloves even. Just because I never knew where I will work and what will I do. Left without help of the only one man in the group (because he was scared not to ruin his back) 2 girls should carry 40 kilos garbage at one time for 7.5 hours. The responsible (the man, mentioned up) just run away pretending, that he need to spray the garden with water.

If I needed to say all the moments I was wondering how a person’s mind can put others in difficulty, just to wash his hands off, I should write for week.

How is that possible in 21 century to leave people to work in such conditions? No equipment, no care, not knowing what are they doing, not even a toilet available. And why it should be necessary to make people feel like slaves? How do you sleep at night and what about responsibilities?

The worst thing is, that noone complains. People came for work and money to survive ending sick in hospital after few years of working.

And the only thing I wanted is to work and enjoy time. The reality was just working, harder and more each day…

Can you answer to me, dear employers, why?

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